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Designer shoes are gorgeous and any woman would like to have at least one pair for a perfect night out. But the price for such a pair is sometimes too high and that's where you think you can get replica shoes cheaper.


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When the decision to purchase replica shoes has been made you'll definitely have some questions and in the case with shoes these questions are pretty specific. Ordering shoes online is tricky at first glance especially if you're buying replica shoes. And the questions you'll be facing are: How to pick up the correct size of these replica shoes? Do these replica shoes run true to size? How do sizes correspond in USA and Europe? Fair questions and here are some answers for you:

Above all questions when ordering replica shoes is a question of quality. We do guarantee that our products are AAA quality replicas of original brands, meaning we use same materials branded company use: same leather, same canvas, same silk etc. We also make sure that our replica shoes look exactly like the shoes of famous brands we copy. All the tags, embossed logos, engraved designer logos, serial numbers, date codes and care cards are taken care of and are in correct places.

Before odering replica shoes you should measure your feet accurately. To help you in this process we provide a measuring tool that you can download and print out. Or you can simply measure your foot with a ruler or measuring tape. On our site you will also find a shoe size conversion table which will help you to determine your size. These steps are important because we ship according to standard length, and not to the size. For example the standard length for a shoe size 38 is 255-262mm and if you order a size 38 we'll deliver a shoe that is 255-262mm long even if it means sending 39 size shoes. That's the best way to ensure you'll get the right size of your replica shoes.

And remember that even if the idea to get replica shoes led to getting the wrong size - you can always return the product within 7 days and it will be replaced by the correct size or you'll get your money back. But to qualify for replacement or refund replica shoes should be in perfect condition - unworn and with the preserved original accessories you got them with. In such a way these replica shoes will definitely find their new happy owner and you'll get yours too.